Regular Meeting of Council

Meeting #:
Council Chambers - members participating remotely

Due to COVID-19 this meeting will be conducted as a virtual meeting, with no public attendance. Only the Mayor, along with a clerk and audio/visual technician, will be in council
chambers, with all other staff and members of council participating in the meeting by calling in remotely. The meeting will be live web streamed, as usual, and archived on the city website.

In order to speak at a Council meeting, Individuals must register as a delegation no later than noon the day before the meeting. To register, complete the online application at or by submitting a written request by email to the Office of the City Clerk at

If you do not wish to delegate, but would like to submit feedback, please email your comments to by noon the day before the meeting. Your comments will be circulated to Council members in advance of the meeting and will be attached to the minutes, forming part of the public record.

There were no recommendations from this meeting.

  • Receive and file Mayor’s office report MO-01-21 as information on the Mayor’s planned conference attendance and potential travel in 2021 on behalf of the City of Burlington.

  • Receive and file office of the city clerk report CL-01-21 providing an update on accountability and transparency initiatives.

Pursuant to Section 239(2)(e) litigation or potential litigation, including matters before administrative tribunals, affecting the municipality or local board, and Section 239(2)(f) advice that is subject to solicitor-client privilege, including communications necessary for that purpose.

  • Instruct the Executive Director of Legal Services or their designate to proceed in accordance with the instructions sought in confidential legal department report and supplemental memorandum L-37-21.

  • Approve the Cootes to Escarpment EcoPark System Lower Grindstone Heritage Lands Management Plan, December 2019 prepared by North South Environmental Inc., attached as Appendix A to engineering services department report ES-02-01, as the guiding document regarding future management actions for these lands.

  • Receive and file engineering services department report ES-01-21 parks, recreation and cultural assets master plan.

  • Receive and file environment, infrastructure and community services report EICS-02-21 regarding an update on the Skyway Community Centre project; and

    Direct the Executive Director of Environment, Infrastructure and Community Services and the Chief Financial Officer to report back to Council in Q3 of 2021 on funding options for the Skyway Community Centre project (SD-01-21); and

    Direct the Mayor and City Manager to continue to pursue, and advocate for funding from the Federal and Provincial levels of Government.

  • Approve the 2021 capital budget for the City of Burlington, with a gross amount of $72,122,030 with a debenture requirement of $7,800,000, and the 2022-2030 capital forecast with a gross amount of $714,232,893 with a debenture requirement of $45,325,000 as outlined in finance department report F-42-20 and as amended by the Corporate Services, Strategy, Risk & Accountability Committee; and

    Administer the debenture in the amount of $7,800,000 in 2021 as tax supported debt; and

    Authorize staff to proceed with the 2021 capital projects representing not more than 50% of the 2021 capital from operating funding in advance of the 2021 operating budget approval; and

    Declare that, in accordance with sis. 5(1)5 of the Development Charges Act, 1997 and s. 5 of Ontario Regulation 82/98, it is Council’s clear intention that the excess capacity provided by the above-referenced works will be paid for by future development charges; and

    Direct the Director of Transportation to report back in Q1 2021 on electric vehicle charging stations in the downtown prior to proceeding with the 2021 capital project RD-PK-1795. (SD-02-21)

  • Approve the amendment to By-law 62-2020, otherwise known as the “COVID-19 Mask By-law”, to provide an expiry date of December 31, 2021, as attached as Appendix A to building and by-law department report BB-02-21, in a form satisfactory to the Executive Director of Legal Services; and

    Approve the amendment to By-law 17-2020, otherwise known as the “COVID-19 Physical Distancing By-law”, to provide an expiry date of December 31, 2021, as attached as Appendix B to building and by-law department report BB-02-21, in a form satisfactory to the Executive Director of Legal Services.

  • Approve the application made by Urban Solutions Planning & Land Development Consultants (c/o Giampaolo Investments Ltd.), to permit a motor vehicle wrecking yard use on the lands known as 961 & 970 Zelco Drive and 4425 South Service Road; and

    Approve the by-law to amend Zoning By-law 2020, rezoning the lands at 961 & 970 Zelco Drive and 4425 South Service Road from “GE1” to “GE1-507”, substantially in accordance with the draft regulations contained in Appendix D of community planning department report PL-03-21; and

    Deem that the proposed by-law will conform to the Official Plan of the City of Burlington and that there are no applications to alter the Official Plan with respect to the subject lands.

  • Endorse the proposed terms of reference for Phase 1 of the City’s Housing Strategy attached as Appendix A to community planning department report PL-02-21; and

    Authorize the Director of Community Planning to engage consultants through a request for proposal process to carry out the Phase 1 work, in accordance with the above noted proposed terms of reference; and

    Direct the Director of Community Planning to develop and implement an engagement plan informed by feedback from the project steering committee, project working group and identified stakeholders; and

    Direct the City Clerk to run an expression of interest with members of Council regarding serving on the Housing Strategy working group and report back at the appropriate time; and

    Direct the Director of Community Planning to continue to refine the scope of work in regard to milestones and timelines for delivering concrete, actionable recommendations to Council that can be implemented within this term of Council as set out in Vision to Focus 2018-2022 and report back by early Q2 2021; and 

    Direct the Director of Community Planning to coordinate and implement an initial community engagement event intended to introduce the Housing Strategy initiative to residents and key stakeholders in the community in an effort to seek public input as to how the community would like to collaborate on the Housing Strategy, in keeping with Council's commitment to IAP2 and our Community Engagement Charter and report back by early Q2 2021; and 

    Direct the Director of Community Planning in developing the draft engagement plan for the Housing Strategy, to include collaboration with all levels of government with a role in housing.

  • Receive and file community planning department report PL-05-21 regarding a site plan application for 2243, 2269 Fairview Street and 864 Drury Lane.

  • Direct the Director of Community Planning to bring a temporary use by-law forward that modifies the Zoning By-law to accommodate winter tents for outdoor patios and report back in February or sooner, as possible.

  • The following motion was referred to the Council meeting of January 19, 2021 to allow the Chief Financial Officer and Executive Director of Legal Services to provide information outlining the parameters of this program as it pertains to building applications and applications for alternative solutions for the installation of tents:

    That Council strengthen its commitment to locally operated businesses and approve funding in the form of grants to be applied to building applications for such tents and alternative solutions relating to installation of tents from small businesses to facilitate the conducting of business.


  • Receive and file information items, having been considered by Council:

  • ​​Enact and pass By-law Number 08-2021, being a by-law to confirm the proceedings of Council at its meeting held Tuesday, January 19, 2021.

  • Adjourn this Council now to meet again at the call of the Mayor.