Special Meeting of Council


Meeting #:
Immediately Following the Community Planning, Regulation & Mobility Committee meeting
Council Chambers - members participating remotely
Members Present:
  • Mayor Marianne Meed Ward,
  • Kelvin Galbraith,
  • Lisa Kearns,
  • Rory Nisan (Deputy Mayor),
  • Shawna Stolte,
  • Paul Sharman,
  • and Angelo Bentivegna
Staff Present:
  • Tim Commisso,
  • Heather MacDonald,
  • Nancy Shea-Nicol,
  • Jamie Tellier,
  • David Thompson (Audio/Video Specialist),
  • and Jo-Anne Rudy (Clerk)

Note: Due to COVID-19 and public health concerns delegations and public attendance was not permitted at this meeting. The Deputy Mayor was present in Council Chambers while the remaining members of council participated remotely.


  • Motion No.

    Endorse the modifications to the adopted Burlington Official Plan (April 2018), as set out in the draft Notice of Decision from the Region of Halton, dated November 16, 2020 and attached as Appendix A to community planning department report PL-22-20; and

    Direct the Director of Community Planning to notify the Region of Halton that the City of Burlington endorses the modifications to the adopted Burlington Official Plan, and requests that the Region issue its Notice of Decision to approve the new Burlington Official Plan, as modified; and

    Direct the Director of Community Planning to provide input into the Halton Regional Official Plan Review to clarify the extent of lands requested to be added to the Region of Halton Employment Area, through the Regional Official Plan Review.

    IN FAVOUR: (7)Mayor Meed Ward, Councillor Galbraith, Councillor Kearns, Councillor Nisan, Councillor Stolte, Councillor Bentivegna, and Councillor Sharman
    CARRIED (7 to 0)
  • Motion No.
    Moved by:Councillor Galbraith
    Seconded by:Councillor Kearns

    Receive and file Information items, having been considered by Council:

  • Motion No.
    Moved by:Councillor Stolte
    Seconded by:Councillor Sharman

    Enact and pass By-law Number 96-2020, being a by-law to confirm the proceedings of Council at its meeting held Thursday, November 26, 2020 being read a first, second and third time.

  • Motion No.
    Moved by:Councillor Bentivegna
    Seconded by:Mayor Meed Ward

    Adjourn this Council now to meet again at the call of the Mayor.

    12:23 pm

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