Heritage Burlington Advisory Committee Meeting


Meeting #:
Room 247, Level 2, City Hall

Howard Bohan (Chair), Michele Camacho, Sharon Portelli, Pauline Laing, Sille Nygaard Mikkelsen, Don Thorpe, David Barker, Diane Miller and Heather Stevens

Councillor Rory Nisan, Thomas Douglas (Heritage Planner), Danika Guppy (Heritage Planner) and Jo-Anne Rudy (Clerk)

Rick Wilson and Elena Dyagileva/Kavanagh

  • David Barker declared an interest in Item 7.1 b. - consent and minor variance application for 2411 Lakeshore Road - as he is the owner of the property.  He refrained from discussion and voting on this item.
  • Ed provided a brief history of the cenotaph and noted its original location in Spencer Smith Park and the three silver maple trees that were planted as a backdrop to the memorial to symbolize the three branches of the armed forces.
  • Ed expressed concern with the loss of one of the maples trees that was cut down in 2017 and noted that Roads, Parks & Forestry staff have been asked to plant a replacement maple tree this summer.
  • Ed requested the Committee's financial support to have a plaque  installed in Spencer Smith Park to commemorate the original cenotaph location and the significance of the three maple trees. He provided some draft wording for the plaque.
  • Committee discussed and support in principle but won't commit funds until details are known.  Heather to be committee lead.
    Motion - Support the initiative to commemorate the cenotaph and maple trees in Spencer Smith Park and request that City staff meet with Ed to assist with design options.  CARRIED
    Action -
    Danika to set up meeting with Ed, Heather and Parks & Open Space staff.
  • David gave an overview of the work that he has done in Aldershot with vinyl wrapped traffic signal boxes that depict the history of various locations along Plains Road and noted that pictures tell a story.
  • David provided a brief history of the Brant Inn and acknowledged the existence of a plaque in Spencer Smith Park commemorating the Brant Inn (west of Spencer's Landing restaurant) but noted that he would like a more interesting interpretive panel with pictures, stories, etc. to be placed beside the marker. He suggested a panel similar to the ones that have been done at Aldershot Corners, Around the Bay or Battle of Burlington Bay.
  • David advised that he would provide content for the panel and has some ideas regarding design and cost but would like to meet with City staff to discuss logistics such as location, parameters for design, etc.
  • Committee discussed and support the initiative and asked David to work with City staff to on design and cost. Don to be committee lead. 
    Motion - Support the initiative for an interpretive panel to commemorate the Brant Inn and request that City staff meet with David to discuss design and cost. - CARRIED
    Action -
    Danika to set up meeting with David, Don and Parks & Open Space staff.
  • Danika advised that a heritage permit application was received for 1375 Ontario Street, also known as The Gingerbread House, which is designated by By-law 101-2015.  The owner would like to repaint the entire house in like colours to what is currently on the building. In addition, the cresting and spires will be installed on the main house while the scaffolding is up.
  • Committee discussed and have no issues with this application. 
    Motion - Support the requested heritage permit for 1375 Ontario Street to repaint the building.  CARRIED
  • Danika advised that 2411 Lakeshore Road is designated by By-law 8-1995 which protects heritage attributes on the front (south) and side (west) elevations of the building. The owner proposes to sever the westerly portion of the property to create an additional lot, allow variances to support the severance and demolish the existing detached garage located on the proposed severed parcel. Danika provided an overview of the variances for the retained and severed parcel and asked the Committee to consider whether they would have an impact on the heritage value of the property.
  • Members discussed and feel there are no issues from a heritage perspective.
    Motion - Heritage Burlington supports the requested consent and minor variances for 2411 Lakeshore Road under the assumption that any new development on the proposed severed lot is sited behind the existing heritage home. - CARRIED
  • Danika provided an overview of the application to amend the Official Plan and Zoning By-law to permit an 11 storey mixed-used building with 39 residential units at 2085 Pine Street. This property contains the Ogg/Clark House, which is not designated but is listed on the Municipal Register and the applicant has proposed to retain the house and the open space on either side and in front of the heritage property and to visually separate the new building from the existing dwelling. The applicant proposes to relocate the house to an adjacent site during redevelopment.
  • Danika noted that the applicant has submitted a Heritage Assessment and a Heritage Impact Statement which acknowledges that the property has heritage value and discusses how it will be impacted, including a Conservation Plan for conserving the resource during redevelopment.
  • Members commented that the tall, modernistic design is jarring in relation to the smaller house and suggested some traditional elements into the façade of the lower floors to soften the hard edges of the modern design. Committee also suggested that a setback of the upper stories of the new building would reduce the scale of its impact on the heritage home. 
    Motion - Support the Chair in submitting written comments to staff on behalf of Heritage Burlington. CARRIED
  • Howard advised that he, Sharon and Michele reviewed the three proposals received and recommend that ERA be chosen as their proposal is more reflective of what the Committee is looking for.  
    Motion - Support ERA in conducting training for the evaluation of heritage properties for a cost not to exceed $2,000 plus tax. - CARRIED
    - Thomas to contact ERA and determine next steps.
  • This item was deferred to the Fall. Suggestion was made to perhaps host a session during Heritage Month providing information on adding properties to the Register.
  • Sharon advised that the Request for Quick Quotation (RFQ) was sent out to five businesses on July 8 with a deadline of 2 p.m. on July 17 and noted the goal is to have the new website up and running in time for the grand opening of the Joseph Brant Museum in September. 
  • Don and Sille provided information on two more heritage tours they developed for the downtown and noted they have given them historic names based on the area. The Masonic Temple Tour is approximately 1.2 km and includes 22 heritage properties and the Old Library Tour is approximately 1.9 km in length and includes 21 heritage properties. The tour shared at last month's meeting will be called the St. Luke's Parish Tour. 
    Action - Thomas, Danika and Jo-Anne to review content and meet with graphics staff on developing a booklet, similar to the Art and the City walking tour, and geomatics staff on developing the App.
  • Don advised that he and Sharon will be attending the Heritage Month meetings together and suggested that perhaps a historic pub crawl/trivia night could be a new event. 
    Action - Danika to connect with BDBA through the City's Special Business Area Coordinator to see if there is any interest on their part.
  • David asked about the removal of heritage trees and whether the committee is consulted. Thomas advised that RPF staff are working on a private tree by-law and noted that perhaps Heritage Burlington can be a stakeholder in the engagement process. 
    Action - Danika to follow up with RPF staff.
  • Diane advised that she will be meeting with the group from Kilbride this week.
  • Thomas advised that the appeal period for the designation by-law for 736 King Road ended on July 8 with no appeals received so the by-law will go to Council for approval on July 15.
  • Thomas reminded members of the opportunity to participate in the Official Plan Review survey which was emailed last week.