Planning and Development Committee Meeting


Meeting #:
1:00 p.m. reconvening at 6:30 p.m
Council Chambers Level 2, City Hall
Members Present:
  • Paul Sharman (Chair),
  • Rick Craven,
  • Marianne Meed Ward,
  • John Taylor,
  • Jack Dennison,
  • Blair Lancaster,
  • and Mayor Rick Goldring
Staff Present:
  • James Ridge,
  • Mary Lou Tanner,
  • David Thompson (Audio/Video Specialist),
  • Bill Janssen,
  • Georgie Gartside,
  • and Amber LaPointe (Clerk)

Frank McKeown, Burlington Economic Development Corporation, appeared before committee to answer questions regarding innovation districts in Burlington.

Note: Report PB-50-17 and all related material can be accessed through the Planning and Development Committee minutes of November 30, 2017.

  • Moved byCouncillor Sharman

    Direct the Director of City Building to revise the proposed designation of the lands south of the Appleby GO Station and Oval Court Lands, known as 5155 Fairview Street, 5135 Fairview Street, 735 Oval Court, 740 Oval Court, 720 Oval Court and the Appleby GO Station known as 5111 Fairview Street to remove these lands from the Areas of Employment Overlay on Schedule B Urban Structure, in effect recommending these lands be converted from employment to non-employment uses and to direct that the Appleby GO Mobility Hub Area Specific Plan consider and develop appropriate policies for these lands.

  • Moved byCouncillor Sharman

    Direct the Director of City Building to amend the draft November 2017 version of the Draft Official Plan as it relates to the property located at 901 Guelph Line as follows:

    a) remove the lands at 901 Guelph Line from the Areas of Employment overlay on Schedule B Urban Structure which will constitute an employment land conversion; and

    b) add the following new policy to Section 12.1.4 Planning Process: Special Urban Study Areas

    12.1.4 (4) 901 Guelph Line Mixed Use Area
    i) The lands located at 901 Guelph Line shall be included as part of the Burlington GO Mobility Hub Study Area and will be considered in the context of the area-specific planning process to develop appropriate land use designations and appropriate designations on Schedule B, B-1 and C of the Plan and for inclusion on Schedule F.

    ii) The redevelopment of the lands shall consider a mixed use redevelopment which achieves targets associated with employment, affordable housing, open space and green infrastructure.

  • Moved byCouncillor Meed Ward

    Expand innovation districts beyond the area around the Ron Joyce Centre/DeGroote School of Business, (Section 5.3, Schedule B), including the downtown.

  • Moved byCouncillor Meed Ward

    Add the downtown, uptown, mobility hubs and other mixed use intensification areas as separate items to the Strategic Employment Areas (Section 5.4).

  • Moved byCouncillor Lancaster

    Defer planning and building department report PB-50-17 regarding proposed new official plan (November 2017) to the Planning and Development Committee meeting of February 6, 2018.

  • Moved byCouncillor Meed Ward

    Reconsider the proposed accessory drive-through facilities policy directions, contained in planning and building department report PB-10-15 that was approved on February 23, 2015, in accordance with procedure by-law 64-2016 s. 41.2.

  • Moved byCouncillor Sharman

    Receive and file the following item, having been given due consideration by the Planning and Development Committee.


2:51 p.m. (recessed), 2:57 p.m. (reconvened)

Chair adjourned the meeting at 4:24 p.m.

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