Community Planning, Regulation and Mobility Committee Meeting

Meeting #:
9:30 a.m.
Council Chambers - members participating remotely

Statutory public meetings are held to present planning applications in a public forum as required by the Planning Act.

Due to COVID-19 this meeting will be conducted virtually. Only the chair of the meeting, along with a clerk and audio/visual technician, will be in council chambers, with all other staff, members of council and delegations participating in the meeting remotely. The meeting will be live webcasted, as usual, and archived on the city website.

Requests to delegate to this virtual meeting can be made by completing the online delegation registration form at or by submitting a written request by email to the Clerks Department at by noon the day before the meeting is to be held. All requests to delegate must contain a copy of the delegate’s intended remarks which will be circulated to all members of committee in advance as a backup should any technology issues occur.

If you do not wish to delegate, but would like to submit feedback, please email your comments to Your comments will be circulated to committee members in advance of the meeting and will be attached to the minutes, forming part of the public record.

Reports of a routine nature, which are not expected to require discussion and/or debate.  Staff may not be in attendance to respond to queries on items contained in the Consent Agenda.

  • Endorse the modifications to the adopted Burlington Official Plan (April 2018), as set out in the draft Notice of Decision from the Region of Halton, dated November 16, 2020 and attached as Appendix A to community planning department report PL-22-20; and

    Direct the Director of Community Planning to notify the Region of Halton that the City of Burlington endorses the modifications to the adopted Burlington Official Plan, and requests that the Region issue its Notice of Decision to approve the new Burlington Official Plan, as modified; and

    Direct the Director of Community Planning to provide input into the Halton Regional Official Plan Review to clarify the extent of lands requested to be added to the Region of Halton Employment Area, through the Regional Official Plan Review.

Confidential reports may require a closed meeting in accordance with the Municipal Act, 2001. Meeting attendees may be required to leave during  the discussion.