Regular Meeting of Council

Meeting #:
Council Chambers Level 2, City Hall

Due to COVID-19 this meeting will be conducted as a virtual meeting, with no public attendance. Only the Mayor, along with a clerk and audio/visual technician, will be in council
chambers, with all other staff and members of council participating in the meeting by calling in remotely. The meeting will be live web streamed, as usual, and archived on the city website.

​Requests to delegate to this virtual meeting can be made by completing the online delegation registration form at, or by submitting a written request by email to the Clerks Department at by 9:00 am on the day the meeting is to be held. All requests to delegate must contain a copy of the delegate’s intended remarks which will be circulated to all members of Council in advance as a backup should any technology issues occur. If you do not wish to delegate, but would like to submit feedback, please email your comments to
Your comments will be circulated to Council members in advance of the meeting and will be attached to the minutes, forming part of the public record.

  • a.Little free libraries (RS-08-20)
    b.Naming of three multi-use recreational trails (CW-26-20) (SD-19-20)
    c.2020 Emerald Ash Borer management program update (RPF-27-20) (SD-20-20)

  • Receive and file recreation services report RS-08-20 regarding an update on free little libraries.

  • Approve Crosstown Trail as the name for the multi-use recreational trail located north of the QEW between the North Service Road and Berwick Drive, extending to Dundas Street in the future; and

    Approve Maple Trail as the name for the multi-use recreational trail located east of Maple Avenue between Ontario Street and Graham’s Lane; and

    Approve Palmer Trail as the name for the multi-use recreational trail located east of Centennial Drive between Upper Middle Road and Heathfield Drive, extending to Mainway in the future; and

    Direct the Director of Corporate Communications and Government Relations to amend the Naming of Corporate Assets Policy to support a broader sense of social and community values, our history and heritage for Council approval. (SD-19-20)

  • Receive and file roads, parks, and forestry department report RPF-27-20 regarding an update on the 2020 Emerald Ash Borer management program; and

    Direct the Director of Roads, Parks and Forestry to work with the Chief Financial Officer and bring forward a business case for council consideration during the 2021 budget discussions to accelerate tree planting as part of the Emerald Ash Borer Program. (SD-20-20)

  • a.December Free P Parking Program (TS-24-20)
    b.Response to Staff Direction – Nelson Quarry (PL-52-20)
    c.advancing a Municipal Development Corporation (CM-29-20)
    d.Confidential update on an MOU (BEDC-08-20)

  • Approve the amendment to By-law 39-2016, otherwise known as the “Parking and Idling By-law”, to discontinue December free parking in all downtown parking facilities effective December 1st, 2020.

  • Receive and file community planning department report PL-52-20 providing a response to staff direction SD-29-20 regarding the Nelson Quarry expansion.

  • Receive and file Appendix A of city manager’s office report CM-29-20 - report of urbanMetrics - Burlington MDC Review & Strategic Real Estate Analysis; and

    With respect to Appendix B of city manager’s office report CM-29-20 - report on Strategic Land Priorities and Business Model Framework Options:

    Direct the City Manager to proceed as follows to affirm and enable the City of Burlington’s focus on strategic lands related to the following key priorities:

    • maximize business development opportunities and advance future economic growth and job creation.
    • implement major city building projects that enhance the quality of life for all citizens.
    • deliver increased supply of affordable housing through proactive long-term strategies and innovative partnerships.
    • Establish in principle a new corporate structure for a Burlington Lands Partnership (BLP) including consideration and approval by City Council of a comprehensive terms of reference, governance and decision-making framework, operating model including financial plan, 2021/2022 Proposed Business Plan including strategic goals and key performance indicators and communications plan.
    • Include for consideration by Council in the proposed 2021 Operating Budgets a detailed business case for a one-time funding provision of $250,000 to support the Year 1 operation of the Burlington Lands Partnership including, but not limited to, external service due diligence service providers (e.g. Strategic Land economic analysis, professional services – architectural/urban design, engineering, legal, financial/fiscal impact etc.). Proposed one-time BLP Funding for 2022 to be considered based on future consideration of status report in Q4 2021 with separate business case as required.
    • Report back to Council, in Q3 2022, with a status update on the Burlington Lands Partnership including overall Business Plan performance, detailed financial report including both operating and capital budget related and recommendations for future consideration Strategic Land management options; and

    Direct the City Manager to engage further with the Burlington Economic Development Corporation and key City staff in the development of the Burlington Lands Partnership Terms of Reference and the Proposed 2021/2022 Business Plan and report back for Council consideration and approval in December 2020.

  • Instruct the Mayor and Clerk to proceed in accordance with the direction contained in confidential Burlington Economic Development Corporation report BEDC-08-20.

  • a.Small Claims Court – claim limit increase to $35,000 (L-23-20)
    b.COVID-19 emergency response verbal update (CSSRA-10-20)
    c.Corporate project status updates (CM-30-20)
    d.Confidential verbal update on phase 2 evolving the organization (CSSRA-11-20)
    e.Confidential insurance reporting (L-13-20)
    f.Confidential legal update on a litigation matter (L-28-20)

  • Authorize the Executive Director of Legal Services & Corporation Counsel or their designate to commence, defend, and/or settle claims in the Small Claims Court, as deemed necessary and advisable by the Executive Director of Legal Services & Corporation Counsel or their designate, for claims up to the Small Claims Court jurisdiction limit of $35,000, with such matters being reported in all future litigation reports; and

    Authorize the Executive Director of Legal Services & Corporation Counsel or their designate to sign any agreements, releases, indemnities, minutes of settlement and other documents required for the settlement of any Small Claims Court claims, actions or other proceedings commenced by or against the City of Burlington up to the Small Claims Court jurisdiction limit of $35,000 plus interest and costs.

  • Receive and file the October 8, 2020 staff presentation providing an update on the COVID-19 emergency response.

  • Receive and file city manager’s office report CM-30-20 providing status reports for designated corporate projects detailed in Appendix A and an overview of change management as provided in Appendix B.

  • Approve the complement increase of 2 full-time equivalent and direct the Executive Director of Human Resources to proceed with the recruitment of the Director of Capital Works and the Director of Community Planning and include the total financial impact in the 2021 proposed operating budget.

  • Receive and file legal department report L-13-20 providing a status update on 2020 asset valuations and the 2021 insurance renewal.

  • Instruct the Executive Director of Legal Services and Corporation Counsel or their designate to proceed in accordance with the instructions sought in confidential legal department report L-28-20.

  • Direct the City Manager to proceed with implementing the interim service delivery program recommendations as outlined in Appendix A of city manager’s office report CM-28-20 outlining Park Washrooms – Winter Operations (Roads, Parks & Forestry);and

    Direct the Chief Financial Officer to track and monitor the financial implications of the above service delivery program changes in the ongoing COVID-19 financial impact reporting to Council.

  • Approve the allocation of interest policy as presented in Municipal Officers report F-48-20.

  • Receive and file the following Information Packages, having been prepared and distributed to Council:  
  • Receive and file information items, having been considered by Council:

  • Enact and pass the following by-laws which are now introduced, entitled and numbered as indicated below:

  • ​​Enact and pass By-law Number 80-2020, being a by-law to confirm the proceedings of Council at its meeting held Monday, October 19, 2020, being read a first, second and third time.

  • Adjourn this Council now to meet again at the call of the Mayor.